lunedì 4 settembre 2006

Good races in Alpe Adria Cup

Hello everybody! According to Jan Kocbach of World of O, I decided to write the most important news in both Italian and English, in order to permit to foreigner guest to understand a little more on this web site.. :) My English is far from perfection, but I hope il will be good enough to be comprehended: and, you know, sometimes maps and images tell us more than written contents! Last week-end I ran in Asiago, 3 races of the Alpe Adria Cup: a middle competition on Friday (MAP), a long distance on Saturday (MAP) and tha final relay yesterday (MAP). Here you can find the overall results of each race: RESULTS The middle race was held in Hinterbech: a 5000+200 course, in a tricky area with a lot of erosion gully and open areas with scattered trees. I did a good job, with no big mistakes during the races. The first half of the race was almost perfect, so in the last part I preferred safer route choices, to avoid big mistakes. I wasted 20-25 seconds on control 16, where I couldn't see the control in the green area. At the end I was 2nd, only 6 seconds behind Michele Tavernaro. During the long distance I was not pleased with my running speed, because of a breathing problem during the race. So, I tried to read carefully the map, nevertheless I wasted 1'30 on control 12 (I was in 2nd place until this control) and I wasn't very careful also on control 2 and 6 and during the last long leg 18-19...5th place on the finish line, where Micha Mamleev was the fastest man on this stony and tough terrain. On the last day, I was in the first leg of the "Veneto 1" team; I ran in the group until control 5 (very short legs in the beginning) and I took the lead on control 6; then, my only mistake of the day on control 7 (forked) where I wasted about 30", having the longer control in this area. From control 11 I stayed in the leading pack with Marco Seppi (Emilia-Romagna) and Jurgen Egger (Team Steiermark - Austria). The last loop was quite easy: I managed to make the right route choice to the last control, and I finished my leg on the lead: well done! :) Unfortunately our 2nd runner did a wrong podium for us during the prize-giving ceremony, but the show must go on.. :) PICTURES: 1) Podium of middle distance 2) Me after the finish with Veneto's flag 3) Mamleev interviewed by Sky Sport after long distance 4-5) Run-in of my leg (Photos Laura Carluccio)

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