martedì 26 settembre 2006

Work in progress for Eurochamps mtb-O in Tuscany

Yesterday I was all the day in Tuscany, where a long meeting about next year European MTB-O Championship was. I'm in the technical team as map maker and course planner, with Daniele Pagliari and Emiliano Corona, and in Castelfiorentino we had an encounter with the event chief, event director, technical director and Italian Federation referring, talking about everything concerning this big mountain bike orienteering event.
About 65% of the 3 maps (long, middle and relay + model events) are ready and yesterday we did the last survey for the middle distance..half of the race will be in a wild private property and we had the ok by the owner to pass in, perfect!
In the next days a decision about sprint race will be taken, according to IOF advisor too.
Well, before Christmas maps and courses will be ready..We are going to try to offer a very exciting event, in the land of Chianti wine and, of course, of the culture (Florence is 50km far from event center).
In the picture: during the survey with a jeep (navigator Daniele Pagliari)

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